The Right Jewelry for Your Face Shape

When looking for a great piece of jewelry, there are lots of things to consider. Color, stones, style – these all are important points when looking for jewelry. To add to the mix, you might also want to consider what jewelry will flatter your shape of face, especially when you are looking for a truly special piece of jewelry that you will wear often.

Our faces come in basically four different shapes: oval, round, heart shaped, and rectangle (oblong).

To find your face shape, simply look in a mirror with your hair pulled back. This isn’t an exact science, but your face shape will fall into one of these four general groups:

Oval Shaped Face
If your face is an oval, you are one of the lucky ones. You will probably look good in any jewelry style or length that you are drawn to. A choker will emphasize a long neck; a long strand of pearls will lengthen your torso, or a low dangling necklace will look great with a low cut neckline.

Triangular shaped earrings will look great with an oval face. Look for dangling earrings that are not too long.

Round Shaped Face
With a round face you want to look for necklaces that will elongate the look of your face. Long necklaces will give the illusion of length. Try to find necklaces that are 28″-32″, or that have the focus well below your neckline. A necklace with one strong focal element a little above the bust line will look great on you.

For earrings you are the lucky one! Almost all earring types look good on this face shape. You might want to try for angular shapes such as squares or rectangles, but really you can get away with any earrings.

Heart Shaped Face
Sometimes this shape is referred to as a triangle, and because of the sharp angle of the chin, a choker is the best way to go. If you like the look of a longer necklace consider getting a long wrap necklace that will circle the neck twice, once at 16″ or 17″ and again at a longer 26″-30″ length.

Dangle earrings will be a good choice for you. Shop for earrings that dangle into a triangular shape to even out and lengthen your face.

Rectangle Shaped Face
This face shape is really better described as an oblong. A choker is a good option for people with this face shape, especially if you also have a long neck. Look for bold necklaces in the 16″ length. Another option for this face shape is a rounded longer necklace. Look for a necklace that keeps a round shape, like one made from memory wire.

Earrings should be short and bold. Lots of drama and color will look great on you.

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