How to Throw a Jewelry Party

    How to throw a great party for you and your jewelry loving friends.

DSCF0873When it comes to throwing a jewelry party, the most important thing to remember is that a good plan makes for a great party. The best party can be planned in just a few simple steps and will leave you and your guests with fantastic memories.



DSCF0878The first steps are the most important. You will need a location, a date, time, and a guest list. You want to choose a space that has enough room for the amount of guests you plan to have, and one that includes the proper accommodations.



DSCF0872Next, compile the guest list for your party. You will want to keep it fairly intimate, and you will want to consider whether jewelry is something that would be of interest to each of your guests. After you have chosen the attendees, pick a date and time for your party. Consider things like whether your guests have a traditional weekday, nine to five jobs, whether they have children and other family responsibilities, how long you think the party will last and whether or not you need to leave time for refreshments or socializing.

home_showing1Once those basic decisions are made, you may want to choose a style for your party. Typically, a party like this would be casual, but you might want to spruce it up a bit with some fancy food or a theme.
Taking into consideration the time of your party, you will need to decide if you will serve food at the event. It is a good idea to have plenty of beverages and snacks on hand. Maybe just desserts or appetizers.

DSCF0880With the proper planning, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself with the guests at your party. You may want to recruit one special guest as your assistant that can help you to ensure the actual party runs smoothly.



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